What Are ‘All-On-4′ Dental Implants?

All-on-4 is a specialized treatment procedure targeted at replacing conventional dentures and sustaining implants. Conventional dentures are false teeth, medically known as prostheses, placed onto the upper and lower jaws. These teeth are easily removable and are often used for replacing missing teeth.

Loss of natural teeth often calls for conventional dentures. This loss can be attributed to tooth decay, injury, poor hygiene, tooth disease, and so on. Conventional dentures can be used for partial or total teeth replacement.

However, conventional dentures bring along a lot of complications to the table. First, the procedure is time-consuming. The prostheses can be fit only after the gum has healed. This may take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months.

Second, conventional dentures are largely dependent on your bone health. Low bone volume, bone deficiencies, and lack of sufficient bone tissue, may hinder the use of conventional dentures. Furthermore, bone grafting may be required in some cases, adding up to further complications and risks. Prolonged recovery time associated with bone grafting often has individuals opting out of the procedure.

Other complications include severe pain, difficulty in chewing and biting food, excess salivation, discomfort, irritation, soreness, and several visits to the dentist.

The All-on-4 is a novel, sustainable procedure that overcomes all these complications associated with conventional dentures. On the surface, the All-on-4 involves placing four titanium fixtures that form the base of your prostheses. These fixtures can be easily used for both partial and total replacement. Furthermore, the procedure serves as an instant replacement for the lost teeth, thus saving a lot of time and money.

We give you the top five reasons on why the All-on-4 procedure is your answer to all tooth-replacement problems:

  1.  Unique design:  The titanium fixtures are placed onto the jaws in a particular angle. Two fixtures are placed straight at the front, and two fixtures are placed slightly behind the first two in a tilted position. This unique design allows for better placement of prostheses. The anchorage is improved, providing superior support. Normal fixtures are fit vertically. The unique tilt design of the All-on-4 fixtures is more accommodating, thus countering the obstacles faced by dentists in placing molar implants.
  2. Ease of procedure: The All-on-4 procedure can be easily applied and suits all ages. Once the fixtures are set, the prostheses can be immediately fitted on the same day, without having to wait for months for gum healing. The biggest advantage is the non-visibility of the fixtures on smiling, and the prostheses are set perfectly in place.
  3. Sense of comfort:  The procedure can be completely painless and complete restoration can be achieved using only four fixtures. Furthermore, there’s no experience of side effects such as soreness and irritation. The teeth can be customized as per your requirements and convenience.
  4. Maximized functioning: The All-on-4 procedure maximizes the use of the available bone tissue and allows instant use. This is particularly favorable for those with terminal non-restorable condition. In this condition, the bone tissue is damaged beyond repair. The usual treatment option in such cases is bone grafting. Bone grafting is a complex medical procedure, wherein the bone tissue is regenerated through bone transplant. The donor could be the patient himself or a donated bone. However, the procedure is painful, can cause inflammation, and recovery is usually longer. Implants fitted using the All-on-4 procedure have a longer life and are optimally supported by the jaw and the neighboring gum tissue. Furthermore, they preserve the health of your original gum tissue and the surrounding bone. Bone grafting is, therefore, not required, thereby avoiding the need for bone augmentation. The procedure is comparatively simpler and painless, thus making teeth replacement a smooth experience.
  5. Cost effective: The procedure is relatively inexpensive compared with other teeth replacement techniques. In addition, since the prostheses are available on the same day as fixation, it avoids unnecessary visits to the dentists.

However, this treatment requires a sophisticated approach, and we at the Sterling Dental Clinic specialize in catering sophistication. With our panel of experts, you can easily avail the All-on-4 treatment as per your needs. Our specialists will acquaint you with everything you need to know about the All-on-4 procedure, the cost, the added benefits, and so on. We genuinely look forward to serve you better.